What Are The Benefits Of A Massage Gun?

Massage guns have grown in popularity dramatically in recent years in Ireland. They are now hugely popular with the everyday gymgoers to the casual jogger. These hand-held wireless devices can be a great way for people to release muscle tension and increase blood flow. If you have never seen a massage gun before they look quite similar to a drill that should be in a tool box but instead this brilliant device is in your gym bag! There is mainly two sizes of massage guns on the market in Ireland. You have the mini massage gun weighting around 0.5kg and the larger massage gun weighting just over 1kg. 

Massage guns can have a range of benefits. 

Helps You Warm Up: Although massage guns are mainly known as a recovery tool I personally use them to warm up the muscles before exercise. I find them brilliant, especially before lifting weights in the gym to help warm up my muscles along with a good stretch. The vibrations from a massage gun may increase the blood flow which in turn could warm up the muscles before workout.

Reduce DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a common occurrence after exercise. This can cause pain, stiffness, tenderness and swelling. It is most common for this to occur 12-24 hours after exercise and can last for two to three days. There is no particular exercises that causes DOMS. DOMS can be very common for people who are new to exercise. Its important to remember that not a lot of research has been carried out on DOMS and the affect of massage guns. 

Cheaper than a Masseuses: Now, I’m not saying that a massage gun can replace a physio therapy session or a deep massage from a masseuse but its definitely can be cost effective in the long run. A typical physio session in Ireland can be anywhere from 50 euro to 75 euro. A massage gun from massagegun.ie  range from €119 to €159. Imagine having a deep tissue massage in the palm of your hands! No booking a physio to get a rub or leaving the house- you can be your own personal masseuse! Regular massages from professionals or physio therapy sessions are still so important and all depends on your needs. If like me you like to just relax and relieve some pain maybe a massage gun could be just what you need!

That nice feeling: Massage guns can just be great for that few minutes you need of tension relief. Personally, I find them brilliant on the shoulders from looking at the laptop to much during the day. Just pop the round head to the mini massage gun on the tense spot for a few minutes … ahhhh paradise!

Just remember if you do buy a massage gun don’t overuse it. Use it at low speeds and only for a short period of time until you get comfortable with it.