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Massage Gun With Belt

Massage Gun With Belt

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Beat soreness, release fatigue and activate your muscles with the massage gun belt! Looking for a complete body massage including those hard to reach spots? Our Massage gun belt reaches every part of your body from head to toe!

The massage gun belt gives you the option to choose between using the massage gun with a round ball head or attaching the belt for those hard to reach areas.  The lower back isn't the easiest part of the body to massage by yourself and this is where the belt comes in! Simply remove the massage ball head from the massage gun and replace with the belt , put the belt around the target area and enjoy! 

Key Features:

4 Speeds

Convenient one touch operation

Up To 6 hours Battery Life

Weights only 0.5KG

What's Included?

1 Massage gun

1 Massage Belt

1 Round Massage Head

1 Durable protective carry case

1 USB charger cable


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