Massage Gun Heads


Our Massage Gun comes with six interchangeable heads to give you the best options for the perfect massage.

Each head offers a different feeling on the body depending on what are you are targeting. We recommend when using our massage gun that you start off at a slow speed (speed ranges from 1-20) to ensure the massage head is comfortable for you.

Before we run through the massage heads it is important to remember the different heads may affect people in different ways. If you feel any discomfort using one of these heads on a specific area please stop immediately. Below is a recommendation on where the heads may be best suited for! Never use the massage gun on the bone or spine area of the body.

Large round Massage Head

This head is mainly used for large muscle groups like hamstrings, quads and the buttocks area. As the round head is quite large its ideal for covering a range of muscles groups all at once.

Small Round Head

The baby version of the large massage head! Great for large muscle groups and warming up muscle before exercise

Bullet Massage Head

Primarily used at targeting a specific area due to its small size. Would be suitable for the foot area and legs. The bullet head is ideal if you are looking at a deep massage on a target area.

Fork Massage Head

Used mainly on the back area and should never be used directly onto the bone or spine. This massage head is very popular on other areas of the body like quads and hamstrings. This head is similar to the bullet but it offers two points of impact

Air Plug Massage Head

Mostly used for more tender muscles due to the heads softness compared to others. Suited for large muscle groups and a more gentle massage compared to other heads.

Flat Round Head

Best for medium muscle groups. It doesn't go as deep as the fork or bullet but still packs a punch. Best suited for Biceps, Triceps and calfs.