Benefits Of Percussion Therapy

Taking care of your bodies physical and mental well being should be a top priority for all of us. We are all living longer and I for one plan on being very active when I'm retired, but I will need to give my body the best possible chance of being in great shape when the time comes. This is why I use my percussion therapy device, aka the massage gun on a daily basis. 

Massage guns are appearing everywhere in Ireland, from star athletes to TV personalities to fitness instructors showing the benefits of using a massage gun. So the question you have to ask is why are massage guns so popular in Ireland? What is the benefits of using them? 

Massage guns are ideal for recovery at home and when you are on the move. Whether your after a hard gym session, after working a physical job or have been sitting in an office chair all day massage guns can be an ideal piece of equipment to help relieve pains and aches in the body. 

Massage guns are easy to use

Massage guns are very easy to use, if it is the larger massage gun just flick the switch at the bottom and use the touch screen to increase or decrease the speed. With our mini massage gun just hold the button at the base of the gun for three seconds to turn on, once on just press the button to increase the speed.

Changing the heads is as simple as pulling the head straight out and popping a different head in with minimal pressure. 

Massage therapy is available 24/7 365 days a year

No need to book a slot with a masseuse, you have your very own held held device ready to use in seconds. If you are on the move or traveling that no problem. Both of our massage guns come with a carry case so you can bring it everywhere with you. Our mini massage gun has become very popular for office workers as they can just leave it in there drawer at work, after all its only the size of a standard phone.

Reduces or prevents delayed muscle onset, DOMS

Have you ever gone back playing football after a few years and completed a hard training session? If you have you will know the feeling of waking up the next day and struggling to move, I have! Similar to doing a tough workout in the gym and for the next 48 hours your body is feeling the effects. If either of the above has happened to you its likely you were experiencing doms. When you feel this soreness in the muscles after you have used working out this can be due to damage of the microscopic fibers of the muscles.

Fortunately for you and I using the the massage gun can help in reducing or preventing doms.

Improves flexibility

When you use a massage gun before a work out it can gently elongate and stretch the muscle fiber and the connective tissue. This is very helpful especially if like me you suffer from severe stiffness By using the massage gun before your exercise it should help with increasing your range of motions. Just remember a massage gun is an aid for your pre workout but I would advise always stretching too. 

Massage guns offer a range of benefits and may be just the tool you need in your life. Why not check out our massage gun and see all it has to offer!