How to use a massage gun on your legs

Massage guns are a great recovery tool for most body muscle groups. Our massage guns are a tool available to everyone, not just athletes. In this article we are going to focus just on the leg muscles and how a massage gun can help aid your warm up and recovery. If your a runner this article is sure to be of special interest.

Like any massage whether its with a masseuse or a massage gun it should be enjoyable and beneficial for the body. Using a massage gun on your legs is a great way to recover from long runs or hikes. I walked up Croagh Patrick in Ireland before massage guns were invented but looking back I would of paid anything to have one the next day after that walk! I don't think I could move right for a week :)

Using a massage gun is simple and easy, it can be used pre and post workout, after a long day in the office, hey even while at work or just as a massage option in the evening. The best thing about a massage gun its available right than and there when you need to use it. The battery depending which model you buy can last up to three hours and each head attachment offers a different experience on your muscles.

When using a massage gun on your legs the first thing you need to look at is the different head options you have with the massage gun. For example our massage gun offers six different head options. A large round head, smaller round head, bullet head, fork head, flat head and the air head.
Choosing the head will depend what muscle group you are targeting and how you feel using it.
I like to use the round head on my quads and calf initially to warm up. For my hamstrings I like to use the “bullet” head as I feel it can really get in deep and warm up my hamstrings for example.

Before you begin select your head of choice. With 6 heads to choose from you can change them in and out it will only take a couple of seconds while you find the best one to suit you.
Our massage gun offers 30 speeds to choose from so we recommend starting on a low speed until you can use to the impact the massage gun will have.

Upper legs

While in a standing position apply the massage gun to the upper parts of the leg. Slowly move the massage gun over the muscles you are targeting. Do this for about 10 seconds on each area. Move than to the back of the legs and repeat. If you feel the massage gun is having little impact increase the speed. If the massage gun is uncomfortable decrease the speed or stop using immediately.

Lower legs

While in a seated position repeat the above step on you calf muscles. Be careful when using the massage gun near the shins as a massage gun is to be used on muscle only and not on bone.

Massage guns can be used on the legs for both pre and post workout. When using the massage gun after a run for example we recommend using a round head and running it over your leg muscles, pardon the pun! Do this for around 90 -120 seconds or as needed.

Massage guns are a fantastic recovery tool when used correctly. We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did writing it. If you have any questions feel free to email us at any time.

We recommend consulting a medical practitioner before using our massage guns if you have any concerns.