How to use a massage gun to boost your recovery?

People are in constant action every day. A simple day to day activity becomes a hectic job if often carried out. We not only overwork ourselves but also burden ourselves with future stress and tension. We are unaware of the effect it has on our bodies.

The pain in our muscles can affect anyone at any time, irrespective of their age or job. A person can suffer from muscle soreness after an intense workout or activity. It can be treated easily and quickly if appropriately handled.

Regular challenging exercise or any heavy physical activity is the leading causes of the occurrence of sore muscles in a body.

 For instance, when a person starts any new kind of exercise, that is changing the routine, way, or timing of their training, for example, increases the timing or duration of their regular day workout or start their exercise with the strict routine by increasing the severity of their daily warm-up.

These are some of the causes of muscle stiffness or soreness because when one tries to make their muscle work or activate it by any hard work that is against the usual routine workout, it is mostly believed to cause harm or damage to the muscle fibres, that automatically leads to muscle stiffness or soreness in one’s body.

Recovery from Massage Gun:

To get relief from stiffness or soreness, one can use a beneficial and successful method: the massage gun.

Massage guns are quite helpful in offering a therapy known as vibration theory. This kind of massage method helps provide a quick and rapid burst of pressure into the tissue muscle of a body when the top of the massage gun moves to and fro on any part of the body muscle.

Many massage therapists have been using old and traditional methods to get the effect of the  massage gun that is by using several light strikes from the hands and wrists so that the given muscles group can be provided with this kind of effect.

But anyhow massage guns are more effective and benefitting method of massage as it is able to provide people the same kind of effect, but in the comfort zone of their own homes. They do not have to go through the trouble of going to luxurious spas or massage centres to soothe their soreness or any kind of stiffness.

Massage gun is also effective in providing a more streamlined and automatic solution to any kind of problem occurring in a body. Unlike myofascial massaging tools, for example, foam rollers, that also offer almost the same kind of therapy, massage guns can hyper-target a specific problematic area.

 Foam rollers may be quite uncomfortable or too manual of a process. Therefore massage guns are offered due to its advanced features and comfort level.

Vibration Therapy:

The vibration or percussive therapy may not completely relieve muscle soreness or any pain. Still, the one thing that it does is helping in increasing the blood flow to a specific muscle area that may help in reducing inflammation and muscle tension and break up any stiffness or knots that may linger after a very tough exercise or hard workout.

One of the other uses of a massage gun is that it can be used before any workout or exercise to warm up the muscles before any intense or severe exercise. Due to its strong and advance vibrating features, it is also able to improve blood circulation and enhance or speed up the recovery process.

Massage guns are also quiet helpful during rehabilitation from any kind of injury. That is, one can be able to rehabilitate themselves with the help of a massage gun. Due to this method, one can get on their feet faster.

Tremendous benefits:

There are many other benefits of massage gun; some of them are given below,

  • It can improve the movement and span of mobility.
  • It stops any decline and enhances the reflex response.
  • It helps in circulation and blood flow in the area of the body being treated.
  • It is also helpful in increasing nerve stimulation and response.
  • It is quite helpful in increasing the strength of the muscle.


Massage guns are tremendous and remarkable healing equipment. These are also effective for those having a respiratory problem; that is, they can deploy the blocked energy and relieve the body from any tightening, allowing it to breathe in a better and effective way.