Massage Gun – Ideal For Office In Ireland?

We all know what its like, you’re in the office all day and even though you are sitting down for most of it feels like a workout sometimes! As most of us here in Ireland have got use to working from home going back to the office is going to be in a strange way completely new to us. Staring at a screen all day and sitting upright can put a strain on our bodies. Can our massage gun help?

Massage guns are the new must have massage product in Ireland. They are wireless and easily portable weighting between 0.6kg (mini model) and 1.1kg (larger model). The great thing about a massage gun is you can charge it once and week and get a daily 15 min massage for a whole week without charging.  Our massage gun comes with either four heads (mini) or six heads (larger model) which can target nearly all your body! Each head packs a different punch so to speak.  The round ball head is the most popular head to start with as it covers a large area. 

Personally, I find the mini massage gun the best for me at work. Its only the size of an iPhone so its perfect for the drawer in work. Do I get strange looks sometimes from the guys in the office when I’m using it, the honest answer was yes! That was before they tried it because once they did they all wanted a go! The brilliant thing about the mini massage gun is that is charges off a usb cable so its perfect for the office. Just plug the usb cable into your desktop or laptop and leave it charge out of the way. It normally only takes a couple of hours to fully charge and it will get you through your office week.

Sometimes constantly working on the laptop at the office desk takes its toll on my shoulders. I’m not sure if it’s the seat or the position of the laptop but after an hour I always feel like I need to get up and move around just to have a break. Once I’m back at my desk I pop the mini massage gun out and run it over my shoulders for about 2-3 mins – that’s loads of time to get the desired result for me. The mini massage gun weights only 0.6 of a kg so its super light to hold for as long I need.

I can feel the results immediately but this will always vary with different people as the old saying in Ireland goes, different strokes for different folks. I always stop using the massage gun if I feel pain, in this case I don’t agree with no pain no gain. Sometimes you can be using the massage gun on a nerve or some bone which is never recommended. 

If you feel like you could benefit with a massage gun for your sore and tired muscles why not give it a try 😊

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