Massage Gun or a Mini Massage Gun?

With massage guns becoming ever more popular in the past 12 months it just made sense to bring out a mini version. Now I know what you are thinking, it’s a mini version so its mustn’t be as good or powerful. Well you would be surprised! Some mini massage guns can offer the same strokes per minute as the bigger standard version. Let’s check out our mini massage gun versus the massage gun: 

Mini Massage Gun

Weight: 0.5kg

Stokes per minute: Up to 3200RPM

Speed Options: Four 

Massage Heads: Four

Battery life: Up to 180 Min

Touch Screen: No

Massage Gun


Stokes per minute: Up to 3200RPM 

Speed Options: Twenty

Heads: Six

Battery life: Up to 180 Min

Touch Screen: Yes

Okay so here we have it! The Mini massage gun weights just 0.5kg compared to the larger massage gun weighting 1.1kg. If like me you like to use a massage gun on your shoulders and traps than the mini is certainly a winner here. It’s so easy to hold and use for long periods on your shoulders compared to the bigger gun. The mini is only the size of an iPhone. 

With both having the same strokes per minute we have a tie! This leads us perfectly to the speed options. The mini offers four speeds ranging from 1200 RPM to 3200 RPM (1200,1800,2400,3200).The larger version offers twenty speed which gives you more options to find your most comfortable speed. The larger version is better in this area for sure. 

Both the mini massage gun and large massage offer similar heads, the larger massage gun offers a large round head and bullet type head extra. They both have the fork head, ball head, bullet head and flat bullet head. In my opinion from using both I really only use 3-4 heads so the 4 heads with the mini is perfect. 

With both having a similar battery life we have another tie. Both with up to 180 minutes offers enough time for you to use your massage gun numerous times during the week without needed to charge the massage gun.

Touch screen. The larger massage gun offers a lovely touch screen display which shows your speed and battery life. I think we defiantly have a winner here. The touch screen allows you to change speeds from 1-20 compared with to the touch button of the mini which offer speeds of 1-4. Although they will both reach speeds of a maximum of 3200rpm the larger massage offers a better user experience. 

Min Massage Gun v Massage Gun Conclusion

So the long and the short of it is that both the mini massage gun and the massage gun are to close to call so it really comes down to personal preference. If having no touch screen, 4 speed options and less heads isn’t a big deal for you than I would recommend the mini. It is less expensive and still packs a punch. 

We also find the mini is easier to use for our elderly clients with the size and weight. We may not all be in our twenties anymore and holding a device in awkward spots for long periods can take its toll. Weighting just less than 0.5kg and the size of a phone the mini is a much easier massage gun to use while still offering a very similar experience to the large massage gun.