Massage Guns : Are they worth it ?

At first glance, massage guns may be confused with DIY home improvement tools! However, massage guns are devices with pulsating heads that allows you to self-massage your muscles.

Increasingly popular among sports and non-sports people in Ireland, massage guns are currently the most popular tool for muscle recovery.

Professional athletes have made massage guns popular. They know the advantages of this device, and that's why they always carry them when going for training sessions. Many different models are available on the market, with various features and different price ranges.

You, too, must have seen your favorite athlete use one of these devices and would love to know if they are worth your money?

What Massage Guns Do

Through pulsation, massage guns allow you to increase the flow of blood to a specific muscle area, helping to reduce inflammation and muscle tension. They also allow you to resolve the annoying contractures that generally arise after tough training sessions.

Used after training, they, therefore, prevent the onset of contractures and muscle tension, they also prevent DOMS (Delayed-onset muscle soreness), which occur after an intense workout.

Applied before training, they help activate the muscles by bringing blood to the muscles and activating the nervous system.

Do Massage Guns Work?

Percussive therapy is a treatment that aims to relieve pain and tension, promoting muscle recovery, transmitting vibrations to the muscle groups. Several studies suggest that vibrational therapy reduces or even helps to prevent muscle soreness caused by sport. Other recent studies would also suggest that regular performance of percussive massage helps improve physical performance. It is becoming more and more popular not just with sports people in Ireland to use massage guns before any physical activity.

Furthermore, massage received from a massage gun is quite similar to the Swedish tapotement massage technique – performed by hammering with the side of the hand. This method of massage has a stimulating effect on the nervous system and helps reduce muscle tension.

In the United States, where massage guns are widely used, many experts and physiotherapists have called them "a necessary change in sports rehabilitation and performance."

Ultimately, massage guns are not objects that promise miraculous results based on absurd theories, but tools that are based on precise science. Modern technological developments have made "do it yourself" muscle massage a comfortable and within everyone's reach.

Are Massage Guns Worth Your Money?

Visiting several massage centers and various recovery treatments will surely increase your expenses. But by buying a massage gun, you can self-massage your muscles, and eventually save more money.

Massage guns are lightweight and portable, which means you can use it anywhere, be it in the gym, office, or at home. It comes equipped with a carry case, making it easy to carry about.

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