Massage Guns: The must have recovery tool for the causal runner in Ireland!

Massage Guns are becoming ever more popular in Ireland. If you have a friend or family member who has one you can be sure that nine times out of ten they will recommend it! In the last 24 months massage guns just seem to be everywhere in Ireland. The idea of a massage gun is to target muscle groups to loosen up tight spots and increase blood flow. Massage guns use percussive therapy.

Massage guns can be both used both for warming up the muscles before exercise and after for recovery. The massage gun from comes with 6 interchangeable heads which will allow you to find the best head for each body muscle. I would recommend if you are new to massage guns to use the large round ball head at a low speed until you are comfortable with it.

 As a person who likes to go for a run most days I can’t live without mine. I use the round head on my larger muscle groups like quads and hamstrings to warm up before my run. Generally, I like to use the massage gun for 15- 30 seconds per muscle group. A speed of 10 is my preference to start, the massage gun has speeds from one to twenty. I like to than stretch my hamstrings and quads and back to the massage gun again.

Once I have used it for most of my muscle groups I increase the speed to 20 for a final once over before the run. If my hamstrings are tight I like to use the bullet head to really get in deep on a tight hamstring- I find it brilliant. By using the massage gun first than a stretch and back to the massage gun. I find this the best for me to get a fuller stretch before exercise.

Once my daily 5km run is finished I like to run the massage gun over my legs for 10-15 minutes to break down the lactic acid build up.  I like to do this as I find when I wake up the following day my legs appreciate it!

What to look for in a massage gun?

When choosing the best massage gun for you its important you look at what you are getting for  your money!

Battery life: This will differ on a lot of models in the market, If you are like me and forget to charge most things get a model with a battery life of 120-180 mins! This way you really only need to charge it once a week!

Speeds: This varies quite a lot in massage guns. A personal preference of mine is a touch screen 20 speed model. This allow you to adjust the speed from 1-20 to best find a comfortable speed for you. The more you get use to it the higher you can increase the speed.

Heads: I like to have multiple heads to choose from. Some models on the market only offer 3 or 4 heads, I much prefer having 6 heads to choose from. Reason being I find in order to get the best results for me I change the heads quite often for different body parts. The good thing here is changing massage heads is literally just a case of pulling one head out and popping another in, three seconds !

Size: This really is down to the person using it and how comfortable they are holding a large massage gun compared to a mini massage gun. A mini massage gun will be an average weight of .5kg compared to the larger model which weights over a kg. If you are using this for you traps or shoulder areas than the mini is definitely much easier to hold. 

If you feel like a massage gun may make the difference in your recovery than why not give one a try. Just remember massage guns should feel good and enjoyable. Seeing the benefits will make it all the worth while! Check out our 20 speed touch screen model here