Three Mistakes to avoid when using a massage gun.

In an ideal world I think we would all love to be going to a masseuse every day for a massage in Ireland. Unfortunately for most of us this isn't a realistic option. Most of us cant afford it or we just don't have the time. Massages are brilliant for destressing and relieving those aches and pains.

To make massage therapy more affordable and readily available a lot of people in Ireland are investing in massage guns. Massage guns are handheld wireless devices that use percussion therapy to massage your bodies muscles. As massage guns are now very popular there are mistakes we should all try to avoid when using them.

Lets take a look at our the top 3 mistakes to avoid when using massage guns.

Applying to much pressure

Let the massage gun do the work! With a massage gun there is no need to force the massage gun onto the muscle are you are massaging. Let the massage gun rest on the muscle group you are working on or glide it up the skin and it will do the work for you. if you are applying to much pressure to your muscles groups you could end up with a serious injury.
Applying to much pressure can also lead to the massage gun being damaged as you risk burning out the motor.

Using on too high of a setting

Depending on which massage gun you get most will have different speed settings. For example our large model has 30 speed settings and the mini has 4 speed settings. This is a great feature in the massage gun as it allows you to find a speed that suits you.
Massage guns are powerful tools and can vibrate up to 3200 times per minute. In the beginning always start off on the lowest setting, its the best way to ease yourself into the massage gun experience. From here you can work your way up through the speeds finding the best speed to help with your recovery.

Using the massage gun for too long

As we have said, a massage gun can vibrate up to 3200 times per minute so its important to remember a short time of usage can go a long way. Like anything new we all buy we want to use it straight away and for long periods but this isn't advised. Until you get used to the massage gun we advise usage of no more than 10-15 minutes per session. If you are using it on muscle groups we advise not using it for any longer than 15 seconds per muscle group.

Remember massage guns can be a fantastic tool in helping to aid recovering of aching muscles but we always advise you contact your medical practitioner before use.