Top 10 Pros and Cons of massage guns for runners in 2021

In Ireland our life has taken a whole new turn since the innovation of Massage guns. Previously people had to visit spas and hotels to receive a massage from physiotherapist.

 With the discovery of Massage Guns, we have easily achieved the status of being at home and receiving massage. As nothing in this world is perfect, hence Massage guns have its pros and cons:

Pros of a massage gun:

1.Vibration power to relieve pain:

Vibration treatment is a part of a massage gun that focuses on your muscle tissues. It is a form of healing that helps to improve the blood and lymph circulation around the body that helps to increase the amount of oxygen and nutrition in the body.

This results in a speedy recovery from muscle pain. The soreness in the muscle’s tissues can be quickly received with the percussion therapy.

2. Great performance in activities:

A massage gun helps in the speedy recovery of muscles. After a heavy workout and consistent posture, our muscle tissues may face fatigue and soreness.

Making massage therapy a part of your lifestyle with the help of a massage gun will help you to overcome such problems, thus improving your performance in sports, work, and other activities.

3. Increase in blood circulation:

A massage gun provides deep vibration therapy, which helps in the rapid circulation of blood, thus stimulating the nerve receptors responsible for the dilation of blood vessels.

 The lymph present in the body removes toxic material from the body, thus increasing the production of nutrition in our body. With the help of a massage gun, we can create a balance in the body and improve blood circulation in our body.

4.Release of Lactic Acid:

When the level of oxygen production in our blood is low, our body tends to create lactic acid to compensate for the low level of oxygen. Hence this lactic acid is then converted into energy. This usually happens due to intense workout or activity, which results in low production of oxygen.

 A massage gun helps to release the lactic acid present inside our body and other toxic materials that are surrounded the muscle tissue.

5. Rehabilitation:

A massager gun is the most effective way to rehabilitate injuries in our muscles. It not only speeds up the recovery but also helps to prevent further damages.

 Better circulation in the muscle tissues helps the area injured to become more elastic and heal in a short period. They work as a supplement to the body.

6. Helps the Nervous system:

Most of our activities are often somehow related to our nervous system. The nervous system governs the actions our muscles perform.

With heavy Workout and daily life activities, our nervous system can easily be affected. With the help of a massager gun, the receptors present in the nervous system are stimulated, which causes a decrease in stress and tension.

7. Breakdown of scar tissues:

Scar tissues are created by collagen fibers that help in repairing the damaged threads, but this is less elastic as compared to natural muscle tissues.

 Massager guns provide vibration therapy, which helps in the breakdown of scar tissues, thus decreasing the pain and soreness.

8. Helps with relieving Muscle stiffness:

Daily activities often cause muscle spasms and stiffness. With consistent workout and postures, our body faces the temporary loss of muscle actions. Massager gun help in providing relief for this stiffness.

9. Upgrade Scope of Movement Rapidly

Massager guns take a shot at the muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, and joints, all of which cooperate to help versatility. With the reliable utilization of massage weapons, the joints will be more adaptable and less inclined to strains and injuries.

The. Improved scope of movement would then outcome in included focal points like upgrading athletic execution and improved incitement of the body's regular oils to help keep the body adaptable.

10. Wellbeing Advantages

There are numerous other medical advantages of massager guns separated from loosening up the muscles and easing your body.

Cons of a Massager Gun:

1.Using Massager gun incorrectly:

Many people are unaware of the basics while using a massage gun. There is a high probability that they may misuse it, thus harming themselves. While using it, you may not be aware of the fact that you could be massaging the wrong area

2. Make your injury worse:

Though we agree to that Massage guns are an excellent device for damages, but if not used properly, your injuries may worsen. If used in injuries such as stressed muscles, broken, fatigue, the injuries may not be adequately treated.

3. Avoid using in certain conditions:

If a person faces high blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and severe other muscle disorders, they must avoid using a massage gun as it may not be suitable for their condition. In such situations, try consulting a physician.

4. Battery problem:

In contrast to a standard froth roller or handheld back rub apparatus that is human fueled, a massager won’t work without a force source.

Depend ON A BATTERY While practically the entirety of the massage guns available presently is cordless, they have a battery that must be charged.

It just bodes well, notwithstanding, as the battery must be sufficiently massive to give the capacity to the engine that moves before long.

5. Cumbersome

Cumbersome/HEAVY/NOISY While not the situation for each percussion rub firearm, SOME of them can be massive and hefty.

So, in case you're taking your massage gun to a more extended occasion – state an ultramarathon or stage race, you must know about battery life


Massage guns are available online, but as its availability has increased, its price has also been upgraded. With more customers, massager guns are now a little costly to purchase.


A massager gun does not need any batteries or wires to be carried with it, but its weight is more than enough to make you feel uncomfortable while holding it for a long while.

8. Noise level:

Certain massager guns are mostly avoided due to high noise level.

9. Complicated structure:

A massager gun has unique design; hence such questions may arise such as, is it easy to handle? Can you reach specific angles, such as your shoulders or back?


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