What is a Massage gun? Your complete guide!

The Importance of Massage Guns


Muscle aches, stiffening, or contractures are some of the ailments that many sportspersons in Ireland deal with when playing their favorite sports. If you find it challenging to visit a massage parlor, you can use a massage gun to relieve your muscles.

What are Massage Guns?

Massage guns, popularly known as percussion guns are unique electrical devices that enable you to massage your body without any help from a masseuse effectively. It uses different modes of operations to provide relief to its users.

Equipped with different interchangeable heads, they can be used effectively on the neck, shoulders, back. It can be used on the lower area of the body, such as legs and feet, to relieve muscle pain and stiffening forms. Massage guns are becoming hugely popular in Ireland!

Massage guns: When to use them

Massage guns cannot replace a physiotherapy session. Therefore, it is good to keep in mind that they are not recommended in cases of serious ailments that require the attention of a specialist.

However, they can be handy before a sports training session to limit the risk of injuries, and also after physical activity to improve muscle recovery.

In many cases, they are an excellent home remedy for neck and shoulder stiffening after long hours of sitting at the desk.

How to Use the Massage Gun

One of the beauties of the massage gun is that it is easy to use. All you need to do is to point the head at the target area, press, and let the gun do its work. However, to get the best results, there are some basic things you need to keep in mind.

Before you start using this device, please turn it on to ensure the device is working properly. The head will start pulsing, and you will need to point the gun to the area you need to loosen up or allow blood circulation. There’s no need to press the massage gun so hard on your body; the pulse is all you need for total warmup. When you find an area that needs to be seriously warmed up, you need to spend some time on that area using your massage gun before moving to another less sensitive muscle area.

Before Workout

To use this device for your workout routine, you need to aim at the muscle groups you’re going to train. For example, if your workout routine involves doing some bench press, you’ll want to massage your pecs thoroughly. Spend some time working on your muscle belly and carefully massage the thickest part of the muscle.

During Workout

During your workout break, you can use the massage gun to loosen tight areas so that you can get more out of your next workout set. For example, after doing some bench press, your chest muscle may tighten, and all you need to do is to use your massage gun to free your chest muscles. Avoid stretching your chest muscles if you feel that they tighten slightly. Research has shown that stretching a muscle after a workout routine reduces your potential output. It’s best to use your massage gun for about 15 seconds to allow blood circulation in your chest region.

After Workout

After you finish your workout routine, your body becomes agitated. With a massage gun, you can relax your muscles and enjoy comfort. The sooner you relax your muscles, the faster your body recovers. To do this, you need to spend at least 120 seconds on each muscle group. Remember that you’re doing this around your muscle belly and not near joints. With this, you can enjoy relief and total muscle recovery.


Massage guns are a 21st-century wonder that is here to stay. Whether you need to relax your neck, shoulder, or toes, a massage gun is all you need to enjoy comfort without breaking the bank. If your looking for the best massage gun in Ireland how about you take a look at our MG PRO X Massage Gun